Mobile service station

Short term supply, demo projects

Service station available in dedicated LNG solution, or in combination LNG/CNG. Fully automated process and vehicle load management.

Mobile Service Stations

They are based on the design of modular Service Stations. These have been designed to meet the needs of Natural Gas Vehicle implementation projects, specifically: short-term product supply, DEMO projects
  • Containment of operation and acquisition costs

  • Boil-off recovery

  • High transfer speeds

GEcrio covers all aspects of an implementation design, operation, maintenance.

Our Support

We can help you define the design and functional specifications of the station, as well as provide commissioning services and training and education.
  • Unit sizing and site selection
  • Advice on obtaining permits and licenses
  • Supervision of the installation, tests and adjustments. Assistance in the first operations
  • Remote monitoring of unit performance and operation -optional.

Mobile station

MODEL | Móvil
OBJECTIVE | Proyectos demo

up to 250


up to 20


(*) Light vehicle, load 12 kg (**) Heavy vehicle, load 150 kg
  • 1

    CNG dispenser
  • 2

    LNG dispenser
  • 3

  • 4

    CNG module
  • 5

    LNG tank
  • 6

    LNG module
  • 7

    ambient vaporizer
  • 8

    ATEX luminaires
  • 9

    charging interface

Customer testimonial


Logistics Innovation Award.
SITL Paris 2016
LNG modular service station. Location: Lille, France, 2017
  • LNG product

  • Vehicle configuration: double tank

  • Load: 247kg

  • Productivity 38kg/min

  • Loading time: 6:27 sec

  • Total time in station: 12 min

Basic characteristics

Parameter GNL GNC
desde 5 m3
up to 1.2 m3 @300bar
capacity, vehicles
up to 20 (*)
uo to 250 (**)
up to 50 .. 70 kg/min(***)
up to 8 kg/min(****)
(*) Long-distance heavy vehicle, typical load 150 kg (**) Light vehicle, typical load 12 kg (***) Configuration 1 dewar (****) NGV1 Interface


  • unattended management

  • Advanced process control

  • Comprehensive boil-off management

  • MID approval available

  • Integrated telemetry and SCADA

design criteria


Normalización de equipos y capacidades. Plataformas contenedor estándar 20-40 pies


Máximo 3 días para montaje y puesta en marcha !!! Soluciones en skid, plazo aún menor


Soluciones probadas desde fábrica. Listas para usar

Todo en Uno

Sistemas con alto grado de integración, listos para ser usados en situaciones de emergencia, reparación, proyectos pilotos


  • Management of vehicle loads and fully automated product conditioning

  • Expandable in dispatch and storage capacity

  • Integrated management of recovery of boil-off / gas phase vehicles


  • MID approval available.

  • Default configuration: 2 meters in liquid phase and gas phase

Productivity, charge cycle

  • Up to 50 kg/min (nominal load conditions)



  • Available dedicated CNG solutions or combined LNG/CNG stations

  • Base configuration, expandable from 1 to 6 charging points


  • Fast/slow charge models

  • Configurable: 1 or 2 loading stations per dispenser, standard NGV1/NGV2

Productivity, charge cycles

  • Light vehicles: 3 min/load NGV1 (*)

  • Heavy vehicles: 10/5 min/load NGV1/NGV2(*)

(*) Auxiliary times not included

Common elements

unattended management

  • Based on dedicated PLC and computer.

  • Interfaces: local HMI and remote supervision and control through SCADA interface.

  • Integrated management of: process settings, alarms. Available maneuver parameter analysis tools.


  • Communication via GPRS

  • System prepared for integration with telepayment systems.

Optional Items

  • Telepayment and transaction authorization system

  • Product inventory control

  • Management of loads, identification and authorization of vehicles


  • High productivity system: cryogenic pumps

  • Optional boil-off recovery


Product development

Tell us about your project, we can help you define the design, functional specifications. As well as even manufacturing your equipment.



File number 2015.210 Installation of a repair shop for tankers for the transport of dangerous goods by road ADR


File number RASIC-005006000, Industrial security agent Gas, pressure equipment, oil equipment, electricity,


File number 2016.008. Installation of internal degassing of tanks for the transport of dangerous goods by ADR road.