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Both long-distance transport, buses, waste collection vehicles, in general fleets of vehicles with intense use, have a high potential for the use of vehicular LNG.
Compared to traditional CNG systems, LNG allows: to improve dead weight indicators and increase autonomy; thanks to higher energy density and lower storage pressures.

Benefits of using LNG

  • Contaminant reduction: Particles, -95%, NOx, -85%, SO2, 0%, Lead, heavy metals: 0%

  • Reduction of noise emissions and vibrations, -50% Diesel

  • Lower operating, fuel and maintenance costs

Autonomy, 20 Euros

  • Gasoline: 196 km
  • Diesel: 292 km
  • GNC, 420 km

Autonomy, 100 Euros

  • Diesel: 273 km
  • Natural Gas, 379 km

GEcrio designs and manufactures CNG Service Stations. LNG and CNG. LNG specialists

  • We guarantee high product transfer speeds. LNG: up to 70 kg/min.

  • Low energy consumption installations

  • Boil-off recovery integrated in design

  • Advanced process management tools

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Logistics Innovation Award.
SITL Paris 2016
LNG modular service station. Location: Lille, France, 2017
  • LNG product

  • Vehicle configuration: double tank

  • Load: 247kg

  • Productivity 38kg/min

  • Loading time: 6:27 sec

  • Total time in station: 12 min

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