Satellite Regasification Plant

Consolidated consumption

LNG Satellite Regasification Plants (PSR) standard model

están diseñadas para satisfacer necesidades de consumo medio – alto.

  • Reliable and robust design

  • tailor-made solution

  • Plant remote management

GEcrio covers all aspects of an implementation: design, operation and maintenance.

Our Support

  • Unit sizing and site selection
  • Advice on obtaining permits and licenses
  • Supervision of the installation, tests and adjustments. Assistance in the first operations
  • Remote monitoring of unit performance and operation -optional.

Basic characteristics

Nominal capacity, from …. 5,000 Nm3/hr Consumption pressure, from 0.3 to …. 19 bar
Other pressures also available


  • unattended management

  • Advanced process control

  • Comprehensive boil-off management

  • Telemetry and SCADA (optional) integrated

  • We execute special projects


MODEL | Standard
OBJECTIVE | Consolidated demand
SERVICE | Natural gas


Nm3hr (*)


m3 (**)

(*) Maximum consumption, from
(**) LNG storage, from
  • 1

    CNG dispenser
  • 2

    GNL dispenser
  • 3

  • 4

    CNG module
  • 5

    LNG module
  • 6

    LNG tank
  • 7

    ambient vaporizer
  • 8

    ATEX luminaire
  • 9

    charging interface

Design criteria


Standardization of equipment and capacities. Standard container platforms 20-40 feet


Maximum 3 days for assembly and start-up !!! Skid solutions, even shorter term


Factory tested solutions. ready to use

All in one

Systems with a high degree of integration, ready to be used in emergency situations, repair, pilot projects